Friday, April 13, 2012

Winnebago Ave Sports Complex

The contractor has begun work at the site this past week. The walking trails are being sub-cut and aggregate will be placed in the next few weeks to prepare for paving. They have made final utility connections in both Margaret Street and Winnebago Avenue. Winnebago utility connections have been delayed with the rain and are expected to be completed next Monday. Installation of the new lights for the fields is scheduled to begin next week...16 poles will be installed ranging from 60'-70' tall.

Water Treatment Plant

The first concrete for the gallery level floor was placed this week. Over 200 cubic yards of concrete was poured this week. Next week another portion of the gallery level floor will be installed. The contractor will begin working on the intake pipes in Budd Lake next week as well. Beginning next week the area west of the existing water plant will be restricted to construction personnel. This area will be closed to public fishing until the summer of 2014 when all of the construction and demolition is completed. Below is a picture showing all of the conduit and rebar in the first floor pour earlier this week.