Friday, November 17, 2017

TH 15 update

Only minor items remain on the TH 15 project. All the signals have been installed. The Adams Avenue signal had an issue with wiring and is scheduled to be fully operational soon. The remaining signals are now operating, including the new flashing yellow arrow turn signals. Check out this website for more information on flashing yellow arrows.

The pavement markings have been completed and all of the turf establishment is finished. MNDOT will be working with the contractor on final clean-up items and the project will likely be closed out this winter.

2017 Improvements

The majority of projects have wrapped up for the construction season. 10th and 11th Street have been paved and the boulevards have temporary stabilization. The contractor will be back in the spring to sod the boulevards and install the last layer of asphalt pavement.

Cardinal Street has been completed including the addition of sidewalk from Prairie to TH 15 on the north side of the road. Residents in that area may have also noticed new sidewalk from the existing bike trail on Albion heading east to the new Whitetail Ridge Subdivision on south Prairie.

The Day Farm trail has been completed including a new layer of pavement from the parking lot south through the existing ravine. In addition, the old prairie dog exhibit parking lot has been paved. The old prairie dog exhibit is going to be converted to a butterfly and pollinator garden. The Fairmont Exchange Club will be leading that project.

Two of the 2017 projects anticipated for completion had several sub-grade issues during construction and unfortunately were not able to be completed this fall. Camelot Court was paved with the base course, but the final layer of asphalt will not be completed until Spring of 2018. Similarly, the public parking lot (Lot C) at the corner of Park and 3rd was not able to be completely paved due to weak sub-grade soils. This project will be completed in the Spring as well. Accommodations have been made to have the lot open for use through the winter months.

Margaret Street remains an active project and the contractor continues to install underground utilities. The street is still closed to through traffic but access is available from the east end off of TH 15. Next week grading will begin on the west portion of the project and installation of the majority of the underground utilities should get completed. Construction will continue as long as the weather holds out with the intent to get the entire road back to a gravel surface for the winter.

Friday, September 29, 2017

TH 15 Update

Starting late September through late October, Highway 15 motorists can expect traffic signals along the project to be deactivated and become four-way stops as crews work to upgrade or replace the signal systems between Adams Avenue and Goemann Road. The existing signals will be taken down and new signals will be installed on Highway 15 at the intersections of 4th Street, Blue Earth Avenue, Tilden Street, and Adams Avenue. The signals on Highway 15 are being updated to include new lights, flashing yellow arrows and emergency vehicle preemption.

Continuing through mid-October crews will be milling and resurfacing the roadway. Motorists should take extra caution and be on the lookout for changing traffic patterns as there will be additional workers and equipment on the roadway during the milling and paving operations. Drivers can expect lane restrictions and brief traffic delays as crews work to complete the signal, curb, sidewalk and resurfacing work.

Friday, September 8, 2017

TH 15 Update

An update on TH 15 traffic control. The traffic signal at Torgerson Drive and TH 15 will be disabled next week beginning Tuesday, Sept. 12th. A 4-way stop will be set-up to provide temporary traffic control. The contractor will be upgrading the traffic signal during this time and is intending to have the lights operational on Friday, Sept. 15th.

2017 Improvements

Cardinal and Charles Street have been paved, the new sidewalk is complete, and these streets are open to traffic. The contractor will be back to finish grading and complete turf establishment later this month. Camelot Court is up to aggregate grade and is ready for paving. Parking Lot C removals have been completed and the storm sewer system has been installed. Aggregate surfacing will be completed in the upcoming week. The trail and parking lot along the west side of Sisseton have been graded and are near ready for asphalt paving as well. Paving is scheduled for later in September on all of these projects.

10th and 11th Street removals have begun and temporary water service lines have been installed. Underground construction is scheduled to begin next week and these streets will be closed to vehicle access as the underground construction ramps up.

The contractor for Margaret Street, Holtmeier Construction, is planning to begin underground work next week. All of the watermain is being replaced on this project and temporary water service will be provided to those properties that are connected to the 12" main in Margaret Street. The excavation is anticipated to begin on the east end of the project which will limit vehicle traffic from traveling east to TH 15. Be aware of construction signage as traffic will be affected with this construction. With a late start to the construction, it is expected that the contractor will complete the underground construction this fall and bring the street up to gravel grade for the winter. All hard surface paving and curb installation will be completed in 2018.

TH 15 Update

Concrete work continues on TH 15. Several of the intersections on the west side of TH 15 have been re-opened in the last few days. East Victoria is closed and will be realigned to provide a perpendicular intersection with the highway. Additional concrete work is expected to begin from 10th Street north this week and continue into next week with median repairs and intersection work at Winnebago and Torgerson. Paving is tentatively scheduled for the last two weeks of September.

Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 Improvements

Beemer Companies is continuing to make progress on the resurface and overlay projects. Stade and Summit overlays were completed last week. Cardinal and Charles have been brought up to gravel grade and paving of those two streets is currently scheduled for the week of 8/14. Camelot Court is currently being excavated and new aggregate and drain tile are being installed. Sidewalk installation continues on Cardinal Street and the grading has begun for sidewalk on East Belle Vue.

TH 15 Update

MNDOT's contractor is finishing up several intersections today and early next week. The intersections at School, Budd, Willow, Tilden east, and Fareway Foods will be open in the next few days. The next intersections scheduled to close are Victoria west, Adams east, and the north mall entrance. Detours will be in place to access Adams east via Victoria. Sidewalk and pedestrian ramp installation will continue along the west side of TH 15. Tentative plans are for TH 15 to be closed from Blue Earth to 10th Street the week of August 21st. The detour route for this closure will be Blue Earth west to Prairie, north to 10th and back east to TH 15. Affected properties will be notified as this time approaches. Please be cautious of the construction activity and patient with the ongoing traffic changes.

Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 Improvements

The City's 2017 Improvement program is underway. There are several projects this year all around the City. Visit to view the complete improvement program.

Margaret Street is scheduled to be upgraded from North Avenue to TH 15. Holtmeier Construction is anticipated to begin in late August or early September. Northdale Construction will be completing the reconstruction of 10th and 11th street from North Avenue west to Lake George and is expected to begin the first week of August.

The resurface and overlay projects being completed by Beemer Companies began last week. Summit and Stade have been milled and the asphalt overlay is currently scheduled for next week. Cardinal and Charles are seeing activity from new sidewalk construction to milling of the existing pavement. These two resurface projects will result in local traffic disruptions, but access to the neighborhood will be maintained during the work. Those along Cardinal and Charles will have a few days of restricted access to the driveways. The contractor is working to minimize these restrictions and affected properties will be notified by the contractor.

All of the seal coat work was completed on July 11th and City crews will begin sweeping up the additional aggregate next week.

TH 15 Update

Activity is increasing on the overlay, ADA and signal upgrades to TH 15 through the City. Duininck, Inc. is the general contractor and is completing the work under a MNDOT contract. The City will be providing periodic updates through the construction blog as well as through the City Facebook account. For additional information you can visit the MNDOT project page at

A sub-contractor has started some preliminary signal work. This work has disabled some of the vehicle detection systems so drivers may see longer green light cycles during this work. All of the signals will be upgraded as part of this project with 4 of the locations receiving complete new systems. Another sub-contractor is working on the ADA improvements and beginning removals along the project at various intersections. Traffic control will be changing frequently to accommodate vehicles along the entire route.

Intersections along TH 15 that are going to be impacted over the next several days include Adams Ave, Tilden St (mall entrance), and 4th St. Please watch for traffic changes in these areas.