Monday, August 24, 2020

Construction Update

After a wet summer and many construction delays in 2019, the City's contractors were able to get a good start this spring and finish up several projects that carried over from 2019. Projects completed in the last few months include: 

    1. Winnebago Avenue reconstruction from TH 15 east past Indus Street 
    2. 4th Street overlay from Prairie Avenue to TH 15 
    3. Cedar Park trail loop on the north end of Cedar Park 
    4. Day Farm trail overlay south of Heritage Acres 
    5. A new T-hangar at the airport was completed and will be taking new tenants in November. 

The Lake Avenue reconstruction project started in July. The contractor, Crow River Construction, works a 10-day on and 4-day off schedule and is making good progress on the project so far. This project has a specific project website that discusses some of the design features as well as provides construction updates. You can sign up for email notices when the page is updated. Here is the link to the construction updates page. 

The City will be starting the I-90/Margaret Street trail extension in September. This trail project will connect Margaret Street trail to the intersection of Torgerson Drive and TH 15. It will provide a link from the hotels near the interstate to the Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex while increasing safety by keeping users off TH 15. Trail completion is scheduled for early summer 2021. 

Lastly, you may have observed City engineering staff out preparing for the 2021 construction season. Our engineering staff have been doing field work and gathering information for potential construction projects in 2021. 

Keep everyone safe! Please use caution whenever you encounter construction workers in the field.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Winnebago Avenue Reconstruction

The contractor was able to get all the aggregate hauled on Phase 1 and is beginning removals of Phase 2. Traffic will be shifting to the east entrance/exit of Fairmont Estates, the mobile home park, as this work begins today. The removals will be completed and new watermain will be installed up to TH 15. The street will be kept to a gravel surface to allow for access to Bean Town and The Ranch during this work. Concrete work is anticipated to begin the week of the 14th.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Winnebago Avenue Reconstruction

Poor weather and poor sub-grade soils and created delays in finishing Phase 1. The contractor is hauling aggregate today and tomorrow to get the surfacing on Phase 1 ahead of the forecast weather the end of this week.

Resurface and Overlay Projects

The contractor has completed the sub-grade work on Lynn and Burton. Both of those projects have been delayed by the weather and should be getting the concrete work done in the next week. Following the concrete replacements, the contractor plans to get those two projects paved and finished.

The 4th Street project is scheduled to start the end of this week, 10/10 or 10/11. However, the weather forecast does not look very favorable. If the forecast holds, the contractor will likely begin work on Monday. The first phase of this project will be to complete some storm sewer work in the alley west of TH 15 adjacent to Century 21. Fourth Street will be closed between TH 15 and Fairview during this work phase.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Resurface and Overlay Projects

The contractor worked on Lynn Street this week and was able to get all removals complete, drain tile installed, and the surface brought back to a gravel driving surface. All residents, including Becky Lane, should have access to their driveways by the end of today. The contractor will now be moving to Burton Lane. They will be starting removals on Monday.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New pioneer pedestrian bridge

The contractor set the new pioneer pedestrian bridge today between Lake Sisseton and Lake George. The project is still under construction and the bridge is currently closed to pedestrian traffic. Stay tuned for the opening of the newest addition to the City’s trail system.

Winnebago Avenue Reconstruction

The contractor is installing drain tile on phase 1 of the project and will soon start placing the aggregate surface. With good weather, we are hoping to be moving into phase 2 in the next two weeks. When phase 2 begins, traffic control and access to the Five Lakes cooperative mobile home park will be moved to the east entrance. Stay tuned for further information on when that change will occur.