Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 Improvements

The City's 2017 Improvement program is underway. There are several projects this year all around the City. Visit to view the complete improvement program.

Margaret Street is scheduled to be upgraded from North Avenue to TH 15. Holtmeier Construction is anticipated to begin in late August or early September. Northdale Construction will be completing the reconstruction of 10th and 11th street from North Avenue west to Lake George and is expected to begin the first week of August.

The resurface and overlay projects being completed by Beemer Companies began last week. Summit and Stade have been milled and the asphalt overlay is currently scheduled for next week. Cardinal and Charles are seeing activity from new sidewalk construction to milling of the existing pavement. These two resurface projects will result in local traffic disruptions, but access to the neighborhood will be maintained during the work. Those along Cardinal and Charles will have a few days of restricted access to the driveways. The contractor is working to minimize these restrictions and affected properties will be notified by the contractor.

All of the seal coat work was completed on July 11th and City crews will begin sweeping up the additional aggregate next week.

TH 15 Update

Activity is increasing on the overlay, ADA and signal upgrades to TH 15 through the City. Duininck, Inc. is the general contractor and is completing the work under a MNDOT contract. The City will be providing periodic updates through the construction blog as well as through the City Facebook account. For additional information you can visit the MNDOT project page at

A sub-contractor has started some preliminary signal work. This work has disabled some of the vehicle detection systems so drivers may see longer green light cycles during this work. All of the signals will be upgraded as part of this project with 4 of the locations receiving complete new systems. Another sub-contractor is working on the ADA improvements and beginning removals along the project at various intersections. Traffic control will be changing frequently to accommodate vehicles along the entire route.

Intersections along TH 15 that are going to be impacted over the next several days include Adams Ave, Tilden St (mall entrance), and 4th St. Please watch for traffic changes in these areas.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016 Improvements

This has been a relatively quiet summer for large construction projects, but the City currently has two projects underway. The City has hired MR Paving to complete some water service improvements along TH 15 in advance of the 2017 rehabilitation of the road by MNDOT. This work involves reconnecting existing water services to a 12" watermain and abandoning an old 4" watermain that has exceeded its useful life. This work should improve the reliability of the service to the businesses along TH 15.

The City and the Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA) are working on an exciting project on the south end of the community at the end of Prairie Avenue, near the Jeffrey Kot Soccer Complex. In partnership with the Fairmont Area School District, FEDA is developing the Whitetail Ridge subdivision to offer 20 new lots for sale in the City. More information on the available lots can be obtained from City Hall. The contractor, Holtmeier Construction, has completed a good portion of the site grading and is currently installing the main sewer and water lines. Here is a picture of the work from Hall Street as the contractor makes their way up the hill.

Monday, September 14, 2015

2015 Improvement Projects

The contractor began milling the existing pavement on Eltinge today and plans to mill on Webster Street on Tuesday. Underground utilities are nearly complete on Victoria and the contractor will turn their focus to finishing the underground utilities on 3rd Street in the coming weeks. The City parking lot on 2nd Street is ready for paving. The contractor is hoping to begin some of the paving later this week or early next week on the projects that are ready. Here is a photo of section of watermain being installed.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

2015 Improvement Projects

Construction has begun on all of the 2015 improvement projects. They are all at various phases in the process, but below is a listing of this year's projects and areas that drivers should use caution when traveling through.

Reconstruction - Third Street (Prairie to East dead end); Victoria (Albion to Park); Oxford (Victoria to Willow)
Resurfacing - Third Street (Sylvania Park to Lake Ave); Downtown parking lot A (Second street); Victoria (Park to Cambridge)
Overlay - Webster (TH 15 to Home); Eltinge (Interlaken to dead end)

The sealcoat project has been completed for 2015.

Also, please make sure you check out the City's website or follow on Twitter or Facebook to see other road closure or water shutoff notices.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Albion Avenue Reconstruction

Thanks to the early spring weather the contractor was able to get going on Albion in April. The concrete contractor finished the curb and gutter, driveways, and street patches. The asphalt patching has been completed and the landscape contractor finished the sod last week. The majority of traffic control was removed on Friday, May 8th with traffic now using the full road width. We are anticipating the pavement marking subcontractor to be onsite this week to complete the striping.

Woodland Channel Construction

The new channel was opened for boat traffic on April 24th. Here are some photos of the completed project and Mayor Randy Quiring on one of the first boats using the new channel.