Monday, November 10, 2014

Albion Avenue Reconstruction

The paving contractor worked through the weekend to get the southbound lanes poured ahead of the cold weather this week. With the weather turning poor, the progress of the project is being evaluated and will likely not get completed this fall. We will be coordinating with the general contractor on when to open up the project for two-way traffic and working to provide driveway access for the residents and businesses through the winter. A further update will be provided when those specifics are determined.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Albion Avenue Reconstruction

Construction continues to progress on the project. See the newsletter below with information. If you are having difficulty reading the newsletter please visit the City's website to view the original PDF file under news and announcements.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Albion Avenue Reconstruction

Concrete paving began this morning at 7am. The sub-contractor for paving is Doyle Conner which is based in Rochester. Here is a look down the street at the grade with all of the dowel baskets set in place for each transverse joint. The second picture shows how the concrete is placed on grade ahead of the paving machine. Lastly, is a photo of first concrete placed this morning. The contractor will be paving approximately 850 cubic yards today.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Albion Avenue Reconstruction

Expect delays as paving of Albion Avenue between Lair Raid and Oak Beach Drive is scheduled for Friday, September 26th. Paving operations will be restricting traffic flow for most of the day and into the evening hours. These operations will cause significant delays so the public is encouraged to find an alternate route this day. Southbound traffic will still be able to access residences and businesses, but delays are anticipated, so please plan ahead. The southbound only traffic and business access will resume on Monday with the same restrictions as the past several weeks. Below is a picture of the northbound lane that will be paved on Friday.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Water Treatment Plant

Work continues on the old water treatment plant site. The contractor is working on reconstructing the shoreline along Budd Lake. A driveway and parking area will be installed later this year. In addition, the landscaping contractor will be onsite this fall to complete the final restoration of this site as well as the new water treatment plant site. Here is a picture of a concrete retaining wall along the shore of Budd Lake.

Albion Avenue Reconstruction

Construction is progressing with the installation of new storm sewer and pavement at the Lair Road/Albion intersection. The underground contractor is also installing new water services along the project. The contractor has removed the east side of the pavement and south bound traffic is moving through the project. The traffic control will be changing slightly next week. See the below announcement for the opening of east bound Lair Road.

ANNOUNCEMENT: East bound Lair Road will re-open Tuesday, August 26th to traffic heading south on Albion Avenue. Traffic will be rerouted onto the new construction. Albion Avenue will remain south bound traffic only and north bound traffic will follow the current detours. North bound traffic on Albion will NOT be able to go west on Lair Road. Drivers are asked to please obey all traffic signs and use caution when traveling through the construction area.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Albion Avenue Reconstruction

Reconstruction of Albion Avenue from Lair Road north to Oak Beach Drive will began yesterday. The traffic control should be set up today which will close Albion Avenue to north bound traffic at Lair Road. Southbound traffic on Albion will be maintained throughout the project. Lair Road will be closed to east bound traffic at Albion beginning today until August 25th. Follow this link for traffic control and detour routes.