Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 Improvement Projects

A public hearing will be scheduled for October 21, 2013 at 5:30pm at City Hall for residents to address any concerns regarding this year's improvement program and the upcoming assessments to the property. A notice will be mailed to all affected properties next week.

Airport Construction

The construction at the airport is complete with the exception of some final punch list items. All of the runways and the taxiway will be open for day/night traffic this weekend. The new PAPI's and REIL's will not be used on the main runway until final certification from the FAA. In addition, this fall the main hangar, which used to be blue, was repainted to more closely match the surrounding structures. Here is a picture a portion of the newly painted hangar.

Elm Street Construction

Construction of Elm Street is nearly complete for 2013. The topsoil has been placed and the street will be opened to traffic this weekend. The contractor will be in town next week to install the hydro-mulch for the winter. Sodding and the final lift of asphalt will be installed in the spring of 2014. Here is a photo of SMC installing the first lift of asphalt on the north end of the project.

Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment plant started sending out finished water to the distribution system about two weeks ago. All the systems are running as expected and the contractor is working to finish up the interior spaces as well as starting on some punch list items. The parking lots have been completed and landscaping will begin shortly. The project is scheduled for substantial completion in mid-October. Here are some interior pictures of the operator's room, solids contact basin, softening room, and entry.

Lair Road Bridge

Lair Road is complete and the street was opened in mid-July. Seeding was completed and a new split rail fence was installed on either side of the channel. The City held a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 13th. The contractor has a couple railing items to finish out this fall and then we will be able to close out this project. Here is an overhead of the finished project.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Airport Construction

The work on the City's airport has been underway for a month or so now. Even with the persistent rain in June they have made progress. The main taxiway has been overlaid with new asphalt and a portion of the apron was milled and overlaid. The main runway 13/31 will be closing next week July 1 and the main taxiway will serve as the temporary runway for daily operations. No night landings will be allowed on the temporary runway.

Elm Street Construction

Elm Street reconstruction is ongoing from 1st Street to the railroad tracks. All existing street has been removed and many houses have been running off temporary water with the removals of the existing sanitary and water main. All new sanitary and water main is now installed from 1st Street to 3rd Street. These houses should have normal water service restored within a week or so. The residents north of 3rd will soon be contacted about having there water set up for temporary service as well. The intersection of 4th Street and Elm is closed and will be at least until the 4th of July. The detour is set up to have traffic use 3rd street as the east/west crossing point of Elm. Here are a couple construction photos.

Water Treatment Plant

Site work has been going the past few weeks, getting the base for the parking and driving lanes installed. The exterior stone is nearly finished with the exception of the entry area. This area was framed and the slab has been poured. The remaining storefront windows and stone will be installed in the coming weeks. The interior of the building is taking shape with offices being painted and cabinets installed. Testing and start-up of numerous pieces of equipment is ongoing. Equipment training for City Staff began last week and will continue for several weeks. The rain garden on the south side of the building has been graded and most of the storm sewer is installed. Here are some photos.

Lair Road Bridge

The navigation channel is open. Street work has been ongoing in between the rain these past few weeks. The final driving surface of the bridge was completed. The bridge has been painted and portions of the railing were installed this week. Concrete flatwork on Lair Road began this week and will continue next week. Lair Road will not be open for the 4th of July weekend, but the intersection of Lair and Shoreacres will be opened temporary for the holiday weekend. The intersection will close again on July 8th. Here is a picture of the bridge looking north.

Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 Improvement Projects

Here is a list of the streets planned for improvement in 2013 within the City. These projects will be assessed to the abutting property owner per the City's assessment policy.


Project No. 13001-Elm Street; from First Street to Railroad tracks


Project No. 13002-Cardinal Street; Prairie Avenue to Charles Street

Project No. 13003-Cedar Park Road; Lake Aires Road to Arthur Street

Project No. 13004-Roland Avenue; East Interlaken Road to Dorothy Street

Project No. 13005-Southwood Drive; Cottage Street to dead end


Project No. 13007-Parkwood Place from East Amber Lake Drive to dead end


Main Street; Railroad tracks to Lincoln Park
Lake Avenue, Bike Shoppe to Fourth Street
Torgerson Drive; TH15 to dead end
Hengen Street; 100’ west of Geraldine Street to dead end
Street Department parking lot
Geraldine Street; Martin Street to Hengen Street
Martin Street; Geraldine Street to Valley View Courts
Stella Court; Dead end to De-Lu Street
Sylvan Drive; Cottage Street to Cottage Street
Sylvia Street; East Belle Vue Road to Stade Lane
North & South Valley View Courts; south end to north end
Victoria Street; State Street to Burton Lane
Cory Lane; Dead end to Lake Avenue
South Armstrong Drive; Deadend to Lake Avenue
Albion Avenue; Government Street to West Belle Vue Road
Lincoln Park
Dorothy Street; Roland Avenue to dead end
Poetter’s Circle; Dorothy Street to dead end
Third Street; Park Street to Prairie Avenue
Fourth Street; TH15 to end of bituminous paving
Adams Avenue; TH15 to Home Street
Cadillac Avenue; Lair Road to Lakeview Street
Christina Street; North Avenue to Elm Street
Patriot Drive; Knollwood Drive to dead end
Albion Bike Trail; Interlaken Road to De-Lu Street
Cedar Creek Park Trails
City Parking Lot D; Park Street and Fourth Street

Lair Road Bridge

The bridge deck was poured January 11th.

Here is a photo of the rebar prior to the installtion of the concrete for the new railing. The railings have since been cast and the forms removed.

Below is a photo from under the new bridge looking south at the existing bridge. The widening of the navigation channel is shown. This photo also shows the new concrete railing.

Water Treatment Plant

Equipment installation continues inside. Below is a picture of the lime solids contact chambers. These basins are 18' deep and will be the first process for the water treatment in the new plant.

Contractor has installed the lime slaking units. These handle the lime material that is added to the raw water to remove hardness and other materials.

Numerous chemical tanks, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and plumbing is being installed around the plant. Here are a few snapshots.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Water Treatment Plant

A photo of the inside of the building looking from the filter gallery over the clarifier basins.

The filter presses were set above the unloading garage and the final roof panels have been installed. Here is a picture of the lime silos installed in the chemical garage.

The masonry work inside is progressing and several walls have been installed.

Lair Road Bridge

The east abutment of the bridge was completed and installation of the gabion baskets began along the east side of the channel. Just the first peices of the forms for the bridge deck have been set and the contractor has been off-site over the holidays.