Monday, December 3, 2012

Water Treatment Plant

Installation of the windows is progressing quickly. Here is an exterior photo of some of the new glass.

The precast contractor has spent the last three weeks installing precast walls and hollowcore floor sections in the remainder of the plant. They also are installing the precast columns and beams for the chemical unloading garage.

Here is a view down into the new clarifier tanks and sludge basins.

Demolition of the deep intake structure is complete and the new shallow intake structure is currently operating and feeding the existing water treatment plant.

Lair Road Bridge

The west abutment concrete is nearly complete with the wingwall on the south side and the combination wingwall/retaining wall on the north. Here is a photo of the abutment and retaining wall.

Channel excavation has begun and placement of the new gabion baskets started last Friday. Here is a photo of the channel after the old riprap was removed.

Here is an aerial of the construction site taken on November 19, 2012.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lair Road Bridge

The concrete work has begun. Here is a photo of the first pour of concrete for the west abutment footing on October 26th.

Below is the steel rebar installed for the pier cap, with a photo of the completed pier cap as well.

The contractor has started forming and placing steel for the west abutment and wingwalls.

Water Treatment Plant

Concrete is being poured on the south side of the building for the solids contact clarifiers and the lime sludge basins. Several loads of precast walls and hollow core panels were installed in the last month. Here is a photo looking down in the filter area and you can see the 100' long precast double tee sections which span this area.

Also the filter troughs were set in both the convetional and GAC filters.

Below is a picture from inside the building on the operating level. This area will ultimately become the operators room, lab, offices, conference room, and break room.

Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex

The remainder of the asphalt paving was completed and striping was added for the parking lot. The ball fields and the concession stand have been completed. Portions of the site will be overseeded for the winter. Here are a couple pictures of the improvements.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Water Treatment Plant

All of the concrete walls for the filters are now complete. Concrete is being cast for the new clarifiers and footings for the chemical unloading garage are being formed. The block for the new shallow intake portion of the plant have been installed on the back side of the existing plant and this addition is visible from the lake side. Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors are working all around the plant to install miles of wiring, duct work and process piping. Here are a couple of photos showing the wall of steel being tied for the new clarifier basins and a photo of the south side of the building with the elevator shaft on the left side of the picture.

Lair Road Bridge

The existing home was removed in mid-September along with several trees. The boat navigation channel was closed on September 24th and will remain closed until May 2013. The contractor began driving past last friday. Here is a picture of the second pile being driven on September 28th.

The pile driving continued this morning. When the contractor is done, there will be 52 pipe piles each driven to a depth of approximately 100' which will suuport the new bridge and retaining wall. Below is a picture of the west abutment pile as they are being installed.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex

The bases were installed this week on the fields and bollards were installed at all trail entrances. Doors have been installed on the concession stand with the outside concrete apron being poured this week. The contractor was installing the ceiling in all the rooms and all of the plumbing is ready for new fixtures.

Water Treatment Plant

A lot of progress has been made since the last post. Several hundred more yards of concrete have been placed in the filters and recarbonation basins. All of the flooring in the garage was placed along with the diesel tank for the new generator. This week the precast walls of the north half of the building were erected. The high service pumps and much more process piping was installed and precast hollow core flooring was set for a portion of the operations level.

Lair Road Bridge

The bids were opened for the construction of the new bridge. Minnowa Construction from Harmony, MN was awarded the project with a cost of $2.3 million. Construction is scheduled to begin in September beginning with the demolition of the existing house.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex

The field fencing is being installed and the walls of the new concession stand are nearly complete. Interior work continues on the restroom portion of the building as well. Underground conduit has been installed for the new lights with cable to follow. All of the controls for the lighting will be located within the concession building.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lair Road Bridge

The plans and specifications for the bridge are nearly complete. The City will begin advertising the project for construction next week with a bid opening at the end of August. At part of the road re-alignment, Lair Road was closed earlier this week so City's crews could work on the water service for the Channel Inn. Construction for the new bridge is expected to begin sometime in September. The City's construction page has a image of the new alignment of Lair Road and the location for the new bridge.

Water Treatment Plant

The vehicle garage walls and roof are complete and the generator is set inside the structure. Work has begun on the interior portions of the garage with some portions of the concrete floor scheduled to be poured today. Concrete work continues on the filters in the main portion of the plant. In addition, pipe work is ongoing and portions of the building are starting to look like a water plant.

Here is a picture of one of the filter walls prior to pouring concrete.

A picture of the filter gallery area with some pipe installed. This area will quickly fill up with much more pipe than is shown here.

Demolition has been occuring across the street on the back side of the old plant. Here is a picture of the existing shallow intake structure being prepared for a portion of the new structure to sit on top.

Albion Avenue should reopen next week after the contractor has installed all of the underground piping needed to connect the intake facility to the new plant.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winnebago Ave Sports Complex

The concrete curb and gutter has been installed and a portion of the asphalt paving has been completed. The ag lime has been installed as well as all of the lights for the complex. The contract to construct the concession, restroom, and storage building was just awarded and construction on that will begin in the next few weeks. Below is an aerial of the site as it starts to take shape.

Water Treatment Plant

The first of the precast walls and roof sections were installed today. Below is a picture of the first precast double-tee roof section being installed. This precast installation will continue for the next two weeks until the vehicle garage area is fully enclosed around the back-up generator that was set earlier this week. In other portions of the site, the filter walls are being constructed. Those are the high walls beginning to extend above grade. Also, process piping is being installed in the subgrade level. Below is a picture of some of the process pipe installation from earlier this week.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Winnebago Ave Sports Complex

The contractor has begun work at the site this past week. The walking trails are being sub-cut and aggregate will be placed in the next few weeks to prepare for paving. They have made final utility connections in both Margaret Street and Winnebago Avenue. Winnebago utility connections have been delayed with the rain and are expected to be completed next Monday. Installation of the new lights for the fields is scheduled to begin next week...16 poles will be installed ranging from 60'-70' tall.

Water Treatment Plant

The first concrete for the gallery level floor was placed this week. Over 200 cubic yards of concrete was poured this week. Next week another portion of the gallery level floor will be installed. The contractor will begin working on the intake pipes in Budd Lake next week as well. Beginning next week the area west of the existing water plant will be restricted to construction personnel. This area will be closed to public fishing until the summer of 2014 when all of the construction and demolition is completed. Below is a picture showing all of the conduit and rebar in the first floor pour earlier this week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Water Treatment Plant

Subgrade walls continue to be formed and poured. It is anticipated that all subgrade walls will be complete by the end of next week. This picture shows the shoring and decking currently being placed in the northwest corner of the clearwell to prepare for installation of the gallery level floor. The grading contractor will be back onsite soon to begin backfilling sand on some of the subgrade walls.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Water Treatment Plant

Concrete is continuing to be placed with at least two pours a week. Generally, one pour of concrete is 50-75 cubic yards. The interior walls of the subgrade level have begun to take shape. Those of you who are able to visit the site can see quite a maze of walls in the clear well area.

At the end of January, Wells Concrete began production of the precast wall panels for the new WTP. Last week several of us visited Wells, MN and observed the process they use to construct precast walls and beams. I have attached a photo of one of the first ones to be completed. Wells will also be casting several double-tee beams for the roof of the new plant later this summer.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Water Treatment Plant

After taking the week between Christmas and New Year's off the contractors are back to work. The weather has cooperated up until today as temperatures begin to fall and the talk of snow is in the forecast. Yesterday about 70' of wall was poured with another concrete pour scheduled for Friday of this week. Material continues to arrive and is being stored on-site. Some of the material includes, steel rebar, ductile iron piping, ductile iron pipe sleeves, and other miscellaneous pipe fittings.