Monday, May 11, 2015

Albion Avenue Reconstruction

Thanks to the early spring weather the contractor was able to get going on Albion in April. The concrete contractor finished the curb and gutter, driveways, and street patches. The asphalt patching has been completed and the landscape contractor finished the sod last week. The majority of traffic control was removed on Friday, May 8th with traffic now using the full road width. We are anticipating the pavement marking subcontractor to be onsite this week to complete the striping.

Woodland Channel Construction

The new channel was opened for boat traffic on April 24th. Here are some photos of the completed project and Mayor Randy Quiring on one of the first boats using the new channel.

Woodland Channel Construction

Construction of the new navigation channel under Woodland Avenue is progressing. The contractor has the coffer dam installed and is dewatering to keep the excavation as dry as possible. Below are some pictures of the ongoing excavation. One shows a bulldozer moving material underneath the existing bridge. Within the next week or two the contractor is planning to begin setting the 3-sided box culvert which will begin to define the new navigation channel. The project is anticipated to be open to boat traffic ahead of the fishing opener in May.