Monday, July 30, 2012

Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex

The field fencing is being installed and the walls of the new concession stand are nearly complete. Interior work continues on the restroom portion of the building as well. Underground conduit has been installed for the new lights with cable to follow. All of the controls for the lighting will be located within the concession building.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lair Road Bridge

The plans and specifications for the bridge are nearly complete. The City will begin advertising the project for construction next week with a bid opening at the end of August. At part of the road re-alignment, Lair Road was closed earlier this week so City's crews could work on the water service for the Channel Inn. Construction for the new bridge is expected to begin sometime in September. The City's construction page has a image of the new alignment of Lair Road and the location for the new bridge.

Water Treatment Plant

The vehicle garage walls and roof are complete and the generator is set inside the structure. Work has begun on the interior portions of the garage with some portions of the concrete floor scheduled to be poured today. Concrete work continues on the filters in the main portion of the plant. In addition, pipe work is ongoing and portions of the building are starting to look like a water plant.

Here is a picture of one of the filter walls prior to pouring concrete.

A picture of the filter gallery area with some pipe installed. This area will quickly fill up with much more pipe than is shown here.

Demolition has been occuring across the street on the back side of the old plant. Here is a picture of the existing shallow intake structure being prepared for a portion of the new structure to sit on top.

Albion Avenue should reopen next week after the contractor has installed all of the underground piping needed to connect the intake facility to the new plant.