Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winnebago Ave Sports Complex

The concrete curb and gutter has been installed and a portion of the asphalt paving has been completed. The ag lime has been installed as well as all of the lights for the complex. The contract to construct the concession, restroom, and storage building was just awarded and construction on that will begin in the next few weeks. Below is an aerial of the site as it starts to take shape.

Water Treatment Plant

The first of the precast walls and roof sections were installed today. Below is a picture of the first precast double-tee roof section being installed. This precast installation will continue for the next two weeks until the vehicle garage area is fully enclosed around the back-up generator that was set earlier this week. In other portions of the site, the filter walls are being constructed. Those are the high walls beginning to extend above grade. Also, process piping is being installed in the subgrade level. Below is a picture of some of the process pipe installation from earlier this week.