Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016 Improvements

This has been a relatively quiet summer for large construction projects, but the City currently has two projects underway. The City has hired MR Paving to complete some water service improvements along TH 15 in advance of the 2017 rehabilitation of the road by MNDOT. This work involves reconnecting existing water services to a 12" watermain and abandoning an old 4" watermain that has exceeded its useful life. This work should improve the reliability of the service to the businesses along TH 15.

The City and the Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA) are working on an exciting project on the south end of the community at the end of Prairie Avenue, near the Jeffrey Kot Soccer Complex. In partnership with the Fairmont Area School District, FEDA is developing the Whitetail Ridge subdivision to offer 20 new lots for sale in the City. More information on the available lots can be obtained from City Hall. The contractor, Holtmeier Construction, has completed a good portion of the site grading and is currently installing the main sewer and water lines. Here is a picture of the work from Hall Street as the contractor makes their way up the hill.